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Family Dog Mediation

Walk & Train for Bold or Fearful Dogs

Serving Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, and Erie, Colorado

Hi there! I’m Libby, and I know first hand how hard it can be to have a high energy, distractable, and impulsive dog. See that sweet little heeler? That’s my girl Daisy, and she is a handful. Two whole handfuls, actually. While her bold spirit is a part of her that I never want to correct, together we have learned better ways for her to navigate our human world.

What I Offer

Family Dog Mediation

Family Dog Mediation goes beyond traditional dog training. Mediators look at your dog's LEGS (their learning history, environment, genetics, and self) to understand the big picture of why they're behaving as they are. Solutions for typical behavior problems rely less on formal training (though I do use tons of positive reinforcement!) and more on meeting the needs of your individual dog by adjusting their environment, working with their unique self, and understanding and respecting their genetics.

Walk & Train

This is more than a dog walk: it's mental enrichment and physical exercise for your dog with a rewards-based handler with nearly a decade of training experience. While we walk, I help your dog learn alternatives to unwanted behaviors like leash pulling, bunny and squirrel chasing, and reactivity.

Finding a dog walker you trust with your bold, fearful, or reactive dog can be a challenge. I’m here to help.

Rewards Based

I use positive reinforcement to teach your dog what we want them to do—not punish what we don’t want them to do—using what they naturally find reinforcing, like food or sniffing.

No Fear, No Pain

I never use shock, prong, or choke collars, leash corrections, intimidation, or other harsh methods. In fact, if you need a high-quality harness, I can help you select and source one for your dog.

Consistency is Key

I give detailed updates, including video, on what your dog is learning so you can implement the same techniques on your own. If you are a walking client already working with a rewards-based trainer, I will communicate with them to learn the training plan.